Help! BSODs are starting to occur


Feb 23, 2009
Hi, i have an almost-a-year old computer that has started to show bsods lately. I use my computer for gaming and have a habit of letting the computer on for hours (12 hours up to a day), doing nothing. I'm not a stranger to computers breaking on me. With the aforementioned habit i managed to break a computer, due to it overheating and its components (motherboard to note), melting once.

So, my kinda new computer (bought it in March), which i again, turn on for hours on end, has started to show bsods lately. It first showed when i was playing far cry 2, suddenly bsod-ing as i alt-tabbed. Then it happened again as i was quitting The Sims 3 a couple of days after. Then thrice more while playing far cry 2, once after a loading screen, twice while running normally (meaning not while loading, alt-tabbing, nor quitting).

The question is:
Do you guys think any of my components may have overheated? Or could it be something else?

I'm hoping for the best, may it only be a virus attack.

For a time i didn't use an antivirus of any sort, and while now i do, everytime i scan there are viruses i can't get rid of. (the Avira gives a warning blip everytime i leave the computer idle for more than 20 minutes!)
I dnt think its a virus. Its either your components are overheating, or they are unstable, do you overclock your CPU or GPU?

You can check your CPU's temps with Real Temp, Maybe run 30mins of Prime95 and see how hot your CPU gets.
Do a similar test with your GPU. Run Furmark whilst monitoring your temps with GPU-Z

Just be careful that you dnt let either component run to hot when your testing.

I had alot of trouble with Far Cry 2 when I was overclocking my E8400, it would run for 7 hours prime95 @4ghz, but crash within FarCry 2 after just afew minutes.

Could also be your memory, have you changed the timings or overclocked it at all?