HELP building a pc just want to check compatability


Feb 29, 2012
it all seems fine to me, apart from the PSU. I'm not sure if that PSU will have all the connections you will need, the 4 pin CPU cable is my main worry. but you can always give it a go and if it doesnt have the right connectors then you can buy a different one!

also: thermal grease, the CPU cooler that comes with the CPU has thermal grease pre-applied, so you don't need to buy any extra.
you don't need the thermal grease, the memory is only a single stick and hence you don't get the benefit of dual channel memory. This will be better:

The case and PSU will cause you trouble later on, recognise that the 500W psu must cost less than £10, as the case has to cost something (say £12). A £10 psu is asking for trouble. So when you want to add a video card, you will NEED to upgrade the PSU.

If you can afford to save another £50-100 then you can do a lot better. You've picked cheapest of everything, and yes it will all work, but be aware of the limitations.

What do you intend to do with PC?


May 7, 2012
Thanks im just going to use it for a home pc atm maybe play a few games on it but theses wont be graphically taxing games...only things like football manager. So there is nothing else i need then?

so you say theres already thermal paste on the cpu and heatsink?
it'll be a pad on the bottom of the stock heat sink, the stock heat sink will be fine for your usage for now. please do not upgrade to GPU without checking on the PSU, it will cause you pain, expensive pain.