Help, built computer for a friend and it is not working


Dec 20, 2010
I recently put a system together for a friend and it will power on for 7-8 seconds and then restart repeatedly, never getting a signal from the monitor. No motherboard beeps etc. The case fans seem to spin alright but the CPU fan spins for a split second and then stops

Build is

Core i5 3570K
ASUS P8 H61 mobo
Thermaltake TR2 500 watt PSU
8 GB 1600 mhz RAM
WD 500 GB Caviar blue HDD
No dedicated video card

PSU possibly??

Thanks much

Is the cpu inserted correctly in its socket and the heatsink on tight? You should also check the memory is also seated too. All connections all the way in? Check that stuff first. Then I would take it all of out the case and reassemble it as that will make sure there isn't a short in the case.