[SOLVED] Help buying a monitor


May 1, 2011
So I've been looking at monitors now for a while and it's been doing my head in as there are so many types plus panels and features. I did buy a asus tuf 27inch 1440p monitor but after 2 weeks it kept turning off and multiple dead pixels appeared. So I have sent it back as they have none in stock so can't get a replacement. Been looking at these 2 monitors and I know they are different ends of the spectrum but one of them I love as it's ultra wide but it's a va and can suffer with ghosting. The other is nano ips 27 inch but again can suffer with ips glow.

I play a variety of games ranging from fps like warzone but love to play racing games and adventure games plus the odd rts at times. Any help or any opinions on either of these would be much appreciated and would narrow it down for me.


I always point people to Tim, who does some of the most in depth monitor reviews I have ever seen. They like the Gigabyte.