Help! Case doesn't fit my components properly!


Apr 5, 2009
I have a Thermal Take ATX Mid case, which I've been using for the longest time, but ran out of room. Therefore, I bought a Full ATX tower. I installed the Motherboard fine, but when PCI card tried to be installed, they simply wouldn't go in all the way. I managed to find that the PCI's bracket (My Video Card's), was getting caught on the part where its supposed to screw into the cage, by about 1~2 cm. Nothing I tried worked, the cards wouldn't fit in correctly as the Bracket used to secure the card, was catching it and not allowing it to go all the way in.

I put everything back in my old case, and noticed while the Motherboard area of the New Full ATX case was flat, my old case has what I can describe as raised screw holes; that is, the screw slots for the motherboard are raised up off of the case a bit, allowing it to be in the correct orientation for PCI Cards.

I have an ASUS P5N-D Motherboard.

So my question is, why on the new case does it catch? I believe my Motherboard to be ATX Form-Factor, so why won't the new case play nice? And is there an adapter so the same "raising" of the motherboard off of the case can happen on the new one? Thanks for the help!


Jan 4, 2009
Something don't sound right, do you have the standoffs in the right place? I have a P5N-D as well, I had no problems with it fitting in my mid tower or my full tower where it is now, its not the board.
Did you install the standoffs on your new case's mobo tray? Many cases do NOT pre-install these.

Look in your parts kit for screws that provide that "raised screw holes" you talk about. If you don't have any, take them out of your old case.

Reading the manual may or may not give you a clue, too :)

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