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Jul 29, 2019
So my friend got a new PC. I recommended he go for a custom built. But he doesn't have the time and know-how to do it, so he instead bought a prebuilt. This pc has a 120gb ssd and a 1 terabyte hdd. When he first started it his ssd was his C: drive so it was where windows was installed. Since the ssd is the C: drive games are on default being saved to that. This is an issue cause of the lack of storage. I know you can change the directory of most games when you install it, but not all games/programs give you the option. I want to know if its possible to make his hdd his C: drive and his ssd his D; drive, Whilst still booting from the ssd


May 16, 2014
Is/ are there any particular games which doesn't allow you to choose the Installation Directory? I've been installing games since 2006 and I've never come across games which Do not let us choose a Custom Directory. The programs like Steam, Origins, Uplay, Epic Launcher also lets us choose the directory. The only problem I faced was with the Windows Store always choosing C drive and giving errors when installing in D or E, which I fixed later.

That being said, there is an option in Disk Management to change the Drive name/ alphabet.

Windows Key+X > Disk Management > Right Click the Drive and choose 'Change Drive Letters and Path'.

Although it'd be fine to change all the other Drive names like D, E, F etc, it's not advisable to change the System Drive name, which is C: for almost everyone. The Windows and the applications might not work properly.

Then there's this too:

Finally, I would say that instead of going through the hassle of messing with the drives, maybe we can find a way so that the games are installed on the drive you desire.
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