Question Help choose monitor 27" 144hz QHD

Mar 23, 2020
Hello community !

After hours of looking, i come here to ask some help and advice to choose my monitor. Mainly gaming monitor (wow, the witcher, lol, path of exile, pubg...)

Here is what i got:
  • i7 4770k (not overclocked)
  • GTX 1070
  • LG screen 24" 75hz (i think) who is dead

I'm looking for a new monitor with thoses spec :
  • 27"
  • 144 hz
  • QHD

My budget is around 200-320/330 € but i'm still open for some suggestions

Here is what i found

- HP 27XQ /200€ that's on sale atm and would like to know if this one is good and if i need to jump on it 😃

- DELL S2719DGF /322€

- AOC Q27G2U /300€

Thank you for your help.