Help choosing a processor?


May 20, 2012
Thanks for taking a look at this thread :). I am not sure what to do, I have £750 (MAX) spend on a new computer. I would like to use PhotoShop, Illustrator, Cinema 4D, Blender, After Effects and Premier Pro, so all quite hefty programs. I want to build a pc that will last me for the next three years. I am looking at the AMD Bulldozer 8150 because it gives me room to buy a nice graphics card and it is quite competitive. I have been told that the Sandy Bridge i7 2700k is better but it is getting old now isn't it so I don't want to have a computer that is outdated when I have only just started! The i7 3770 / 3770k what is the difference I don't know what it is other than one is just shy of £100 cheaper. Could someone insight me in which processor is going to be good for what I want to do. I am buying everything from scratch. (I have no case, no psu, no graphics card, no ram, no fans, no mobo) I have a few internal drives lying around (literally) of like 250gb and the rest are 40gb and I have a DVD writer.

-Thanks for reading I hope you can help me! :D
The i7 will kick the crap out of an FX, but it cost more, the FX are very good chip if you need and your software supports multiple cores and far better over something using Hyperthreading to create extra virtual cores.

Intel K series, are unlocked for overclocking.

120GB SSD for O/S
1TB 7200RPM HDD for data
nVidia 6xx or ATI 7xxx series GPU