Help choosing motherboard for the 2700X

Nov 21, 2018
I've been trying to decide for the last couple of hours whether I should buy a b450 or x470 chipset motherboard for the 2700x CPU, searching on the internet for reviews and opinions.

However, i have seen good arguments for buying either type of chipset.

On paper, the difference between the x470 and b450 chipset is the number of usb and pcie ports, which i do not mind, so it would be a good argument to go for b450 and save some bucks.

However, i've also found that the VRM of b450 motherboards is generally bad, and that hinders performance of the CPU.

I do not plan to do extreme overclocking, but i also do not want the motherboard to bottleneck the CPU performance, i plan on using precision boost and Overclocking profiles to get the most out of the CPU.

The motherboards i am considering, that i have seen have a discount during BF are the following:

ASRock b450 PRO4 $60

ASRock X470 Master $100

ASRock X470 Fatal1ty Gaming K4 $115

ASRock X470 Taichi $160

If you think that i should consider a board that i have not listed and is in that price range feel free to suggest.

As i said, on paper b450 and x470 have the same features, which makes me want to buy the 60 USD board. However, if its worth it to buy a more expensive board im willing to do it, but not because of some extra usb and sata ports.

PS: Ive also been considering the B450 TomaHawk and the B450 Carbon, the only drawback i see with these cards is that they do not support voltage offset so PBO is useless. I want to overclock but i dont want to have to manually set the values thats why PBO seemed like a great feature.
I have the x470 master and used to have a asrock b350 itx gaming and I honestly found them both to be perfectly adequate for the 1600 and then the 2600x. While I haven't had am4 boards from other makers I have found asrock boards to be reliable and easy to work with. If I was getting the 2700x with the intent of heavy overclocking I'd get the taichi.