Question Help choosing upgrade from r9 380

Oct 30, 2019
Been using my r9 380 since 2015 and it's just not good enough for everything anymore. I just built a new pc(everything new except for the r9 380 from my old pc) and bought a 144hz 1080p monitor. I mainly play rocket league and want a consistent 144 fps on that.

The most demanding games I play are the witcher 3,fallout 4, and shadow of mordor, and i only get like 46 fps on those and don't even play them that often. I also might want to get monster hunter world but not until I have a new gpu, and even then I'm not sure. I don't really play many new games but would like to be able to run them well if i do decide to play them.

So, I want to be able play rocket league at 144fps maxed settings, and AAA games at 80-120 fps at high at least

These are the gpu's I'm thinking of choosing from.

New gtx 1070 FE with warranty for $225.
New rx 5700 for $368. Prices include tax and shipping.

My budget is $400 at most. I would prefer to pay $200-$350

I really want the rx 5700 but I don't know if I want to take a chance with the driver issues, and it is expensive.

Does the 1070 seem like a good option or is it getting too old?

Or would you recommend a different GPU?

My pc specs are 2700x,16gb ram,750w psu.
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Some new 1660Ti around the price of that 1070. New is better in terms of warranty.

Fairly high price for a rx5700, some decent ones for around $320. Also quite a few RTX2060 for the same.

RX5700 and RTX2060 should be good enough for 1440p 60hz, not reason they can't handle 1080p 144hz.

A tough price category, you would really want to look at individual game titles to see how they compare with each GPU. But if you are playing them irregularly... Rocket League isn't exactly super demanding, but I suppose with all the settings cranked it might take a bit to use.