Question (HELP) Computer wont boot when DP cable plugged into graphics card

Jan 13, 2021
Hey guys, I recently built my second PC and it has been working fine. I had an issue where it wasn't connecting to the internet on startup and would have to restart every time to connect and I was trying to fix that today. I tried to access BIOS but wasn't displaying with GPU so had to switch to integrated graphics (fixed internet issue) and now whenever I boot my PC with the DP cable connected to the GPU, it will not boot. I can boot it with DP cable connected to integrated graphics and once it is running I can switch the DP cable to the GPU and it works fine. But then when I shutdown and boot it wont boot again. All my graphics drivers are up to date

PC specs:

intel i7-10700k
ASUS Prime z490-A mobo
Using my old nvidia 750ti (wait till I can get my hands on a 3080)
16 gb RAM

I have tried going into BIOS and changing default graphics to both auto and PCIe but neither of them work and it seems every time I go back to the integrated graphics and go to BIOS it changes back to CPU graphics
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