Question Help Connecting Corsair h100i & 6QL120s PLEASE!

Dec 15, 2019

I made a change to my setup I need to install TODAY so please clear this up. I've read all of the threads on setup but I'm still slightly confused as this is my first time.

I have the Corsair h100i Platinum AIO 240mm but I bought TWO 3 pack kits of QL120 Fans both come with Light Node CORE and can take 6 fans but also Comander Pro can take 6 fans and I have a Commander Pro as well.

Do I need the Light Node Cores at all? If I hook 2 of the fans into the pump & 4 into the ComPro directly OR should I hook all 6 fans into ComPro directly? Should I hook 2 fans into the cooler and a node core and then 4 into the 2nd node core and then both into the ComPro?

If I hook 2 into the cooler and 4 into ComPro are all light effects able to be synced? If I hook all 6 directly into ComPro will the 2 on the cooler have proper control with the pump?

I'm not going to use the 2 ML fans that came with the h100i Platinum for right now so all of the fan types are the same so what is the best way to hook the cooler and the 6 fans since I have 2 light node cores and a ComPro?

Please help since my PC is all apart now!