HELP core 2 duo above 70C please help


Mar 25, 2012
hwy recently while GAMING i noticed my cpu core 2 duo e7300 @ 2.66GHz stock temps

Core 0 - Minimum 52c
Maximum- 72c

Core 1 - Minimum 44c
Maximum 67c

I measured using core temp and i am a bit worried about my cpu touching 72c

Moreover my GPU 6670 was max at around 66c

are these temperatures fine or is there something to worry about????


Jun 23, 2005
The temps aren't too high to worry, but they are still higher than they could be. If you haven't cleaned out your PC in a while I'd do so. Turn off the PC and get a can of compressed air and blast it on the parts inside to get allot of dust out. That should help lower temps a few degrees.
yes they are to high a core 2 duo should idle between 25'c and 30'c even on stock cooling...
the core 2s didnt run particularly warm so 55'c at idle is way to hot... most didnt get that hot at load even with mild oc's
check the hsf hasnt come loose. also replace the thermal paste as paste only really lasts about 5 years for the stock stuff, and about 3 years for the 3rd party stuff b4 it starts going gritty... if needs be buy a cheap cooler. preferably something like a hyper 212 or similar.


Dec 13, 2011
One thing to check before buying or replacing anything is to CHECK THE HEATSINK MOUNTING I cannot stress this enough the Intel heat sink twist tabs can sometimes come undone and if one of the 4 tabs are loose it makes a dramatic difference. An easy way to test this is to open up the PC turn it on its side then boot it up, once you are monitoring the temps of the CPU apply light pressure to the heatsink pressing it lightly down onto the CPU if you feel it move down then it may mean the heat sink isnt tightly mounted, if this is the case you should also notice a drop in temperature on the cpu.

as for the GPU the the heat that is already in the pc may make a difference, I would check the fan and make sure it is spinning, if it still gets hot run the pc with the side off, if the temps decrease your case may need more fans .