News Help Cure Coronavirus with Your PC's Leftover Processing Power

Mar 4, 2020
This is awesome. I'm more than happy to help. I've got a Ryzen 9 3950X and an RX 5700 XT chugging at this problem now. ;)

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It's a trap!
I don't trust this claim of the folding's 'Corona-Virus' intent as far as I can throw it...

(I'd suspect someone is crunching crypto-currency in one form or another!) :)
Please do NOT spread completely untrue rumors like this. F@H has been around for a very long time and has done a TON of research for good. Its run by Stanford University. There is precisely 0 evidence to back your claim up, and even joking about it is in poor taste.
This might get me folding again. I just hate to use so much extra electricity. There's a big difference between idle and full load. Plus with how long protein folding takes. Then how long it would take a cure to go from a lab concept, to animal testing, human trials and so forth to market. This strain will likely have long since passed.

Ah....remember a time when we did this in hopes of finding intelligent aliens?
I did that for a couple years with Seti@Home classic. Mostly I loved the screensaver. Remember when people were obsessed over screensavers? Anyways they changed it to be a part of BOINC . My old work units didn't translate over. Worse yet the new floating 3D screensaver sucked:p. I kept classic running for a while but gave up eventually. I think when I stopped using Mac OS 9.
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Ofir Aviram

Dec 27, 2014
How do i choose corona? i have being running it for three hours and it does not use my 2080ti gpu i guess it does not check corona.what can i do to change this?