Help deciding on a video card for my first build

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Dec 10, 2012
So I've just built my first computer and I was considering either the radeon 7850 or the 660 Ti. The 7850 is cheaper and has some better qualities but I am afraid from reading reviews I may have some issues with one if I order it since many others have and the 660 being made from nvidia I'm sure is very stable for a little less performance and more money. So which one would you all go for? Thanks for any advice. <3
Drivers are always being updated so read reviews with a grain of salt. Pick the card based on which one gives you better performance in games you will be playing. I would go for the 7850
It's very important - your card's RAM is massively faster than system RAM and there are already games needing over 1GB. If you go with 7850 you'll definitely want the 2GB version. I'd take the GTX660 though (not Ti). Much better card all-round.
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