Question help deciding on new x570 board for 5900x ( helping a friend )


Dec 28, 2014
Need help deciding on a new x570 or 570S board for a friend and need peoples input. I have been hearing alot of people suggesting to get the x570s aorus master or even the pro, but ive been very skeptical of gigabyte and DOA boards it may not be the current case now though. I also was thinking about the msi x570s tomahawk max.. budget is around 400 and would really like to try something besides asus this time around for him.. thanks


Though this is geared towards OC'ing and a 5950X, this selection should be more than acceptable for a 5900X.

MSI MEG B550 Unify-X
Gigabyte X570 Auros Master
ASRock X570 Taichi
ASRock B550 Taichi
Gigabyte B550 Auros Pro V2
B550s are apparently better OC'ers than X570, so that's why there's more 550s there. If they're not looking to do that, then it doesn't matter.
Oh, and the lack of a chipset fan on B550 may be a plus.

Mobos are about their feature sets - it's not limited to VRM cooling:
-Does it have enough SATA/USB ports?
-Need WiFi/bluetooth?
-Need dual bios?
-Does it matter what the memory topology(daisy chain/T-topology) is? [For extreme memory OC]
-Does it have enough PCI slots for add-on devices?
-Does it have a Q-code display?
-How many fan headers does it have?
-Does it have RGB, or ARGB only headers? Does it sport both?
^Things like that, for example.

If your friend doesn't know what he wants out of one... well, it's real easy to over/under spend - usually the 'over' happens, and there's things he'll likely never touch during the board's lifetime.
Trying to simplify what's the most complex part doesn't work too well. Probably best to find reviews of boards - or a list like in the above video - that have more of what he needs and less of what he doesn't.