Question Help desperately needed, games laggy despite good pc specs, fresh windows install made issues worse :(


To make an extremely LONG story short, despite stout pc specs for even 1440p gaming- 3700x, CL16 32gb 3000mhz ddr4, 3070 gpu, 2 sata ssd, 4 7200rpm hdd, 620w seasonic psu, 27in 144hz 1440p main monitor, 24in 1080p 144hz second monitor- games ranging from old Resident Evil 5 to the new Evil Dead, to Fortnite to Dead by Daylight all have random fps drops/lag spikes.

To make an extremely past few depressing weeks very short- I believe either my motherboard( ), cpu, or psu is faulty, in that order of my odds. I tried a new expensive x570 mobo that unfortunately was faulty DOA shutting the pc down and USB's not working/cutting out so I'm waiting on a refund on that currently to see where to go in the future. Ram tested fine in nearly 7 hours of memtest86 testing. I don't want to pay for the premium version so that's the maximum I was able to do-4 passes. I know my 3070 is fine and not faulty since I've been testing games the past few hours with my old 8gb RX 480 gpu and they're still doing the same random bad fps spikes/lag but randomly. Temps are ok. Drives check out fine in HDD sentinel. A new windows install actually made the lagging/lag spikes more common sadly, which is shocking to me...Upon a recommendation, I tried updating my mobo bios but it lead to frequent BSOD, system crashing, and freezing/hangs which leads me to believe the mobo is indeed faulty as I don't think a major well regarded company like Asus would release a faulty bios on purpose, that, in the patch notes, claimed it improved system stability-but not for me lol. New chipset drivers, new gpu drivers, issue has persisted for months now but is degrading to a more severe level, did it on older drivers too. Last night, I did ~33min AIDA64 stability test stressing the CPU, FPU, CACHE, and SYSTEM MEMORY, and it passed fine.

Is there any de-facto way to test an AMD ryzen cpu for fault/failures? I almost feel guilty sinking more money into a couple year old system. After reading of apparently widespread rampant x570 usb/chipset problems I'm not quite sure I want to spend a bunch of money on a higher end expensive motherboard again. Being a very frugal person, I'd hate to buy a new part for no reason and that not even fix things. Are there any tests to check motherboard faults themselves? It really sucks that I don't have another ddr4 system to test stuff on, having a secondary system in the ddr3 days helped so much in the past. I've just been main-ing this ryzen tower in one upgrade fashion or another for a long time. I know my 3000mhz ram is less than "ideal", but, it was a holdover from a few years ago in the price gouging ram days when 16gb was nearly 200 bucks alone. And, according to benchmark charts online, at 1440p, there's very very very little difference between 2933mhz-3600mhz ddr4 in games, so I don't really feel it's justified spending nearly $200 on a set of cl16 3600mhz good tight timing ram like some higher end Corsair Vengeance I saw on newegg.

If I buy like a cheap am4 a320 mobo and new psu I could frankenstein together another system with my old ryzen 1700 and rx 480 gpu as a testbench type of thing to test things in the future....just as of this moment I'm trying not to spend more money than humanly possible.

once again- GPU is good since games are doing the same thing with my old rx 480, even on a total clean win10 pro install with the different gpu rx 480.
-ram tested fine in memtest86 and windows memory diagnostic and aida64 stability test.
-drives checked out fine in HDD sentinel.
-mobo has seemed sketchy since a new bios caused tons of BSOD, crashing, and system hangs.
-temps are ok.
-the system stability test in aida64 testing CPU, FPU, CACHE, and SYSTEM MEMORY passed fine in ~33min of testing, I was recommended to do 30 min of testing as that is seemingly all that's needed to detect faults in it

if my OS Samsung 840 250gb ssd was failing would it not give me errors or SOMETHING? Some online say a bad OS drive can cause issues but I've been alerted to nothing...SeaTools tested fine in both every quick test and every extended longer test, windows error checking for local disc C said no errors were found.

A sincere and eternal thanks from the bottom of my heart for any help in this matter, I've been around the block so-to-speak with building pcs and gaming on pc for many many years but maybe I'm overlooking something.


test without those hdd?

I can try testing a game with only my OS ssd and secondary BX500 960gb ssd plugged in. Games are doing this weird lag spike fps drop regardless of where they're installed currently though, whether that be ssd or 7200rpm hdd. Every drive checked out ok in HDD sentinel with no errors, but, I'm willing to try just about anything at this point. I'd really prefer to narrow down the issue without having to buy unnecessary things, but, I'm willing to buy another psu and motherboard to have a frankensteined together secondary modern ddr4 system for testing....only having one ddr4 system has proven to really really suck, I guess I took having a second (at the time) modern-ish ddr3 system in the past for granted being able to troubleshoot parts and stuff.

this pc didn't always do this, it popped up a few months ago doing this weird lag/fps drop thing in games and has steadily gotten worse, with shockingly, a new windows install not helping things and actually making stuff worse.


just wanted to update back if anybody else ever has this problem, don't discredit the cpu being faulty/dying, that's what ended up being my problem. I'll paste what I wrote someone else, this is putting an extremely depressing past few months into a short summary that does the situation no justice whatsoever, coincidently, it started happening right around the time leading up to AMD admitting the ftpm problem going on, but I outright disabled ftpm and it still didn't work, the May vender bios update didn't work and actually myself and others noticed lower overall performance after that, iirc offhand, quite a few noted PBO wasn't hitting full speeds anymore after that bios update, among other things. If AMD won't give me too much hassle, I still have a year remaining on the 3700x warranty. I genuinely have never had something stump me so bad and be so frustrating beyond words in 13 years of pc gaming and building. Anyway, here's what I wrote someone else about the situation-

(and to answer your question, it was doing this even on a completely empty ssd besides a few smaller games on it, it didn't matter the drive, stuff of all ages was still stuttering horribly, I even tried disabling that HPET thing some swear messes with ryzens but it didn't help me either)

After my own troubles and hearing of others, I no longer think cpu are as infallible as I did before. I figured one, if it worked out of the box, would just work indefinitely, barring not being OC'd to death or overheated of course. My 3700x started stuttering and lagging horribly in games of all ages out of the blue months back, and I never figured it could be the culprit since it had never been OC'd nor overheated, I painstakingly replaced every other component in the pc, sometimes multiple times, and did extensive testing, only to have the problem completely go away when I built a decent enough 12th gen i5 12500 pc after throwing in the towel. It's not the "best" in the world, but more or less equal or in some testing a little better than the much beloved 5600x a ton of people use. I'd be happy enough if it lasted me through the rest of this console gen trouble-free.