[SOLVED] Help determine system resale value


Aug 2, 2011
I am trying to sell my old computer as I am going to buy a new system. I am having trouble pricing the parts used. If anyone can help me I would appreciate it.

I have (cleaned every 6 months and kept under 40 degrees at all times)
i7-2600k never overclocked
16GB gskill 1600mhz ddr3 cas9 1.5V
msi 7750 mobo with 3 years of use never overclocked
25$ aftermarket cooler (coolermaster brand, forget model)
antec p180 case (yes, it is from 2006) front 2.5" slot is broken covered it with cardboard and duct tape
evga 80 plus 600W psu 3 years old
asus rx580 4GB 3 months old no issues
320GB HDD 1 month old, was a refurbished unit
1x DVD/CD rom/burner 12 years old
Windows 10 64 bit activated

Also have generic 10$ keyboard, generic 5$ mouse, and 1080p 60hz refurbished monitor I bought for 85$ last year.

Also have a new p8z68v-lx mobo that I sent in for repair in 2013, and they sent me a new board a month later, never used; missing I/O plate. I tested it and it works. I would include this with sale, as socket 1155 it is very hard to find a board for this as it is from 2012ish.

I'm trying to figure out what I can get for all of this, but have no idea what to ask!


Problem is, you'll have to find a local buyer. Shipping on a whole PC would kill the deal.

And a 6-7 (parts of it 12 years?) old...
If you find someone to offer $150, take it and run.

Take the GPU out and sell that individually.


Apr 3, 2018
Agree with above. This was well spec'ed years ago, now is getting close to potato. The duct tape/cardboard repair isn't going to play well. I find the kept under 40C claims...well, I am skeptical unless you only surf on it or live in a refrigerator...I am sure others would kinda nod at that as well.

Give it to someone that needs a box, part it for better sale results, and yes, def try and part the GPU as it is the most valuable part at this point...keeping in mind that even it is probably only worth $75-100 used in respect to the cost of a new one spec'ed better right now.