Question Help diagnost my dell XPS 15 randomly "shutting down"

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Oct 21, 2022

My Dell XPS 9570 months ago started randomly shutting down when I would be using it. I think I noticed this about the time that I replaced the Dell battery as it was a few years old and barely held a charge. I bought a third party battery which seemed to work fine. Shortly after that it started randomly shutting down. I would use the computer anywhere between 5-15 minutes and out of no where "shutting down". Often times I noticed when the fans would spark up it would do this.

I sent it into dell for repairs and they replaced the motherboard. I got it back, and within days same problem. It would run 10 minutes tops before shutting down. Also, if I ever abruptly moved the computer physically, it would immediately start shutting down. I called dell, they suggested trying it without the battery, which seemed to do the trick. We assumed it was because of the third party battery. I bought a new dell battery, it finally arrived, I put it in and it did not fix the problem.

Sent the computer back to dell, they replaced the motherboard, fan and heatsink. (Didn't charge for the second motherboard). Got the computer back and within a week the same problem. Luckily dell refunded me for all the repairs, but it first started when I would physically move the computer it would shut down. Or if I was typing too hard or the computer got bumped physically, it would start shutting down. Then it evolved into almost everytime I heard the fans turn on, the computer would shut down again.

I took the battery out and am running it plugged into the wall and it works 100% fine.

This is so strange as it is clearly related to my battery, but two times in the dell shop they weren't able to diagnose or fix this.

Anyone out there have any creative solutions or thoughts on what is wrong and a potential easy fix? Seems like some component is messed up....

Any thoughts would be appreciated!
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