Jan 3, 2021
I have a hp elite sff 8200 with 16gb ram and 1tb ssd running windows 10. I tried to install the gtx 1050ti. But every time I boot up with the 1050ti installed and hooked up to my monitor, I get no video signal at all. Also if I plug in the card while the pc is running, it immediately shuts off the display signal. I have made sure the monitor was on the digital channel, it is connected with a display port cable. Dvi d. But nothing. I have tried to disable the on board graphics drivers, then shut down and reinstall the gtx card, and it still boots up with no display. The fan is running on the graphics card so it is getting enough power.

I've tried downloading drivers for the card, but the nvidia driver installation cancels when it doesn't detect the graphics card plugged in. And I can't do anything when it is plugged in because no display. I tried looking for settings on the boot/bios menu. I tried disabling PCI SERR# on the bus controls. I didn't see any other options on the bios or monitor settings. Please help, I don't want to have to downgrade the card because of something I overlooked. Could it be the monitor is too old/ not compatible because it doesn't even have hdmi ports? Is the displayport cable bad?
According to the specs on that HP page the PSU is only 240 watts --- not enough for a 1050 Ti --- needs a 400 watts PSU of good quality.

Edit: plugging in a GPU while PC is running is never a good idea.