Mar 4, 2010
I have an old IBM note pad laptop.
I only use it for e-mail and the web, no games, video messaging etc
It is to say the least very slow to start up, and to connect to the web. It very often sticks, or appears to stick, and then comes to life during web browsing.The CPU is 2.00ghz, 504mb of ram. The hard drive is 18.6 GB with 8.43gb spare. From this information is it better i just invest in a new laptop and what specifications would i need as a minimum? i live in the UK
Your best bet would to try to reinstall windows and see what that does for you. Windows over time especially xp will get all clogged up with crap that it slows everything to a crawl.

But first a few tools to help u try to speed up ur current windows.

1 download CCleaner its free run file clean ups and registry scans
2nd download malewarebytes scan system with that get rid of any junk it finds
3rd Run a updated anti virus If none of that helps a fresh install might be your best bet to get it running faster.


Nov 27, 2008
Many people trash or trade in old computers because they are slowing down. They do not realize that a lot of times this is only because windows is getting slower and it isn't from the computer aging.

A simple reformat (like has been said) will make your computer run like new. I have seen good computers get tossed time and time again for that reason, and this one; ("Oh noes I got a virus! Time to buy a new computer!!")

Listen to saaiello! :)

Keep the pc defragmented, clean, protected (too much will slow older pcs down), updated (windows/drivers), and keep the registry tight(ccleaner) and you should be good for a while.
I agree.
I would add that you need a new hard drive. I think there are still PATA/IDE drives if that's what you need but they're disappearing. Get a 160GB to 500GB depending on availability and price. If you have SATA you have lots of choices.

If you have XP:
1) backup your important data
2) Install XP and Activate it
3) Update etc.

Keep in mind that there are now no security updates for XP. If money is tight this system could be good for now if reformatted on a new hard drive. If so, keep going until maybe Windows 8 comes out.


Oct 24, 2009
I love these programs to keep my computer running super fast (as fast as possible with a slow Proc):

-CCleaner (Registry, And Junk Files Cleaner)
-Glary Utilities (Registry(With defrag... One of a kind that does a registry defrag, And Junk Files Cleaner)
-Auslogics Registry Cleaner (Gets all of your Registry problems)
-Smart Defrag (My super hero... Its perfect, run a full optimize and this will be the biggest help!)
-Spyware Docter (Anti Spyware, and a little Anti Virus)
-Ad-Aware (Cookie Destroyer-Works better than deleting from IE)
-AVG (Free Anti Virus)

Use all of the cleaners on all of the programs, and you should see an enormous increase in speed. I would get them all on Cnet becuase thats the only download site i will trust (Im an Anti-Virus freak :)).

I would also get a bigger hard drive, see if you can get some more RAM, and make sure you have AT LEAST 10% of your HD space free. Recomended is 20%.

If all fails, reinstall windows... :( I know what a pain... :)


Oct 24, 2009
Also I forgot go through these steps:

1.) Click on START, then RUN.
2.) Type MSCONFIG, hit enter.
3.) Go to the startup tab and uncheck all of them but your anti virus program. Click restart.
4.) When you log in there will be a message, click do not start up MSCONFIG at start up or some such thing... Then hit enter.

Hope that helped!