Question Help: Duplicates of specific program for: Select which icons appear on taskbar(setting)

Jul 25, 2020
Since I started using Amazon Music(desktop Program / APP), I noticed here:

Windows 10.
-right click desktop
-scroll down to "Notification area"
-Click "Select which i cons appear on taskbar"
Under here is where it's showing 20-30 Duplicates of "Amazon Music"

- I'm not sure how harmful this may be, I Do know it's not supposed to happen, there should be 1 program option for each program, not 20-30 copy's.

if I had to guess, there's some glitch/bug when opening the program. But I don't know..

let me know what you think and what I can try to do, thank you!


oh side notes, I have Amazon Music pinned to taskbar right next to START, and I'm also using Classic Shell, if this matters.

I would put a picture in here but I'm not sure how or what to do. just a screen shot with edited description through paint.


Win 10 Master
have you tried uninstalling app & reinstalling it again?

I don't know if its a "feature" of classic shell.

Open powershell (admin)
type SFC /scannow and press enter
once its completed, copy/paste this command into same window:
Repair-WindowsImage -Online -RestoreHealth and press enter
SFC fixes system files, second command cleans image files, re run SFC if it failed to fix all files and restart PC
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This is normal. What you are seeing in the "Select which icons appear on the taskbar" is a history of all of the icons that have shown up in the tray (Notification area) recently. Each time a window has a new title and is shown in the tray, it's added there. Often this list becomes corrupt. Mine also has incorrect icons for wrong apps listed here.

By "history, I mean that for example, if Notepad was listed there, you might see:
money.txt - Notepad
games.txt - Notepad
files.txt - Notepad
and more. And most with the wrong icon because it gets corrupted.

I would ignore it, or if you want to be adventurous you can try this:
If you go this route, the batch file took several minutes to run on my system so give it time. It will eventually ask you to reboot. Once I rebooted, the list only showed the apps that currently loaded up on boot, and all icons were correct. But, the history will fill back up again soon, and probably corrupt itself again so there's no point in my opinion.
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Jul 25, 2020
Classic Shell is just an overlay for Windows, changes how things look and work or how things are accessed, and apparently it was changed to "open shell" some years ago..(As of December 2017, Classic Shell is no longer in active development.-"Development has been picked up by volunteers on GitHub under the name Open Shell")

I Tried what you said Colif (not sure how to link you in here without quote-replying your entire reply) - And it didn't fix the duplicates. But I've decided to just ignore it, and / also turn on the options to just show all icons. I think they tend to move around more in the taskbar if you have it set to- some in the sorted small box and some on the taskbar, hope this makes sense, Thanks for your help- atleast trying. It's all ok now.