help! e8400 voltage and temps!


Jan 2, 2008

Ok, i'm overclocking my e8400, and i've got the ga-p35-ds3l motherboard, and one thing i noticed is the vdroop. I want to overclock my e8400 to 4,2 ghz, but in order to acchieve this, i need to set the voltage in the bios to a whopping 1,5! And when idle, cpuz shows 1,472, at full load, orthos, cpuz shows 1,440. And 1,440 isn't very high for 4,2 ghz. Legionhardware overclocking guide for e8400 needed 1,45 volts to achieve 4,2 ghz. But i'm worried about the 1,472 volts at idle:S wat should i do? should i back up to 4 ghz? or should i leave it this way?

And by the way, my temps, when full load using ortos, coretemp gives me:

core 1: 69/70
core 2: 68/70

and speedfan gives tcase: 59/60

But here's the problem, the tempguide on this forum said that the difference between tjunction and tcase should be somehing like 5 degrees, but mine is 10:S?

And another thing, onder full load, both core temp and everest ultimate show:

core 1&core 2: 69/70

but realtemp shows: 60/61

Realtemp gives the same readings as the tcase temp from everest and speedfan..

So wich temps are real? and do i need to worry?

My cooling is: Zalman cnps 9700led.

So should i back up to 4ghz for safety, or is it already safe?

idle temps:

core1/core2: 40/41
tcase: 29



Oct 30, 2007
Honestly my E8400 clocks to 4.2Ghz on 1.44v (exactly the same as you), however to get it to 4ghz it barely needs over 1.3v so till my water cooling setup arrives I'm leaving it at 4 Ghz.

4.2Ghz only for bench, the 200Mhz makes little to no difference in gaming.

Temps are below 75C meh tiz fine :).


Remember that the 45nm CPUs can't handle voltages as high as the earlier Core2Duos. Intel says that 1.45V is the absolute maximum voltage, meaning that the chip likely won't work right if kept at that voltage or higher for any significant time.


Aug 25, 2008
hey guys, this thread may be old but I just set up this system.

I am running:

E8400 - FSB 450 x 9 - 4.050Ghz
Northbridge Strap - 400Mhz
G.Skill PC6400 @ 900Mhz 5-5-5-15 timings
Artic 7 CPU Cooler (no water cooling)
Antec 900 case with normal fan setup (two intake front, one big mother out top, one out back
EVGA 8800GT Overclocked Edition
WD 640G Caviar, Asus DVD-ROM/RW, etc

I run the CPU core voltage at 1.32 on that board and let the board autoadjust the CPU fan. Under normal conditions I run about 96 degrees F and about 125 degrees at full 100% CPU.

Everything's been a piece of cake so far. I did stick with the 607 BIOs instead of going two revs up.


Jan 1, 2007
Hmmm, u best not be OC'ing young man if u r a nubcan.

I do 3.8@1.136 on my e8400 on the gigabyte ep35c ds3l.

and why4.2? lol