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Question Help Figuring Out Which Component Faulty

Jan 3, 2020
Hi everyone,

I have a lenovo legion y520. I wanted to replace the keyboard because the O key wasnt working anymore. Its an embeded keyboard in this laptop.
Anyway I replaced it.
After that, I maybe damaged something in the motherboard. The cable linking the lcd screen and the mobo burnt because I connected it after the battery.

So now I have several issues.

First the powerbutton seems to be damaged

Before :


Mine :


So I have to take a small aluminium circle that felt from the case to make contact with a circle area in the mobo. When I do that the Mobo start (white led)

Here with the mobo only

Here When i connect the IO cable with its interface I have two white leds


The fans wont spin

I dont know if the fans have to spin anyway. I dont know how to test if something is damaged. Indeed the lcd cable seems to be burn so Even if I connect the laptop with a hmdi screen I have nothing.

Someone can help me troubleshooting this ?

Sorry for my bad english ^^


Seek professional help at this point. In other words when you are in a deep hole -- stop digging.

Laptop repair takes great care and takes a lot more time than building desktops to master.

YouTube can be a great resource and a full service manual is essential.