Question Help finding the best gaming monitor for Xbox Series X


Feb 3, 2014
I am currently in the market for a gaming monitor for Xbox Series X but I'm having difficulty finding the perfect one that maximizes the series X's capabilities.

What I would like....
  • 4k HDR
  • minimum 120hz since it runs games at 120fps
  • 1-3ms response time (I play a lot of twitch shooters and racers)
  • AMD Freesynch enables
What doesn't matter to me...
  • screen size
  • company
  • Or number of hdmi/external ports
I would like my budget to be around $600 if that's realistic. But any suggestions is welcome.
From what I can see that monitor does not have HDMI 2.1 and is only 4K 60Hz via HDMI.

I’ve got a Series X linked to a 4K 120Hz and to be honest 4K 120Hz is not a thing. The game that I tried was Cold War, it just suffers way to many FPS dips at 4K and I ended up setting it to 1080p. I have no idea what FPS it was dropping to at 4K but it was really noticeable and impacted the experience.


Oh yeah, HDMI 2.1 hasn't really filtered down to the monitor market quite yet.

And yes I also don't like Vizio. While my old Vizio was pretty decent for a early 4K panel, the power board popped, and I was actually able to fix it. For about a week. Bought a new one from the same series. Completely different experience. OS is buggy (has issues booting sometimes), remote is simpler, for some reason the I/O moved from the left to the right, and the screen shows much more 'dirty screen' effect than I think is reasonable. Probably sell it soon and grab myself an OLED or QLED.