Question Help Fix a Deep Mark on Monitor

Jan 14, 2020
Hi all,

I have just gotten a brand new gaming laptop(Lenovo Y545), and it has been amazing.

Earlier today, I was attempting to get the USB cord from behind me to in front of me so that I could plug in a mouse and it turns out that when I got it from behind me, I accidentally swung with such force that the head of the USB slammed into my screen, leaving behind a nasty mark on the screen that is very thick and deep. When viewing a black screen, the mark leaves behind a white spot. I am worried that I accidentally went through the plastic and left some irreversible damage, so I had been looking for a good solution. Unfortunately, the solutions I tried did nothing but leave a minty fresh smell to my monitor from using stuff like toothpaste and scratch remover, and I have yet to try vaseline or anything like that.

Sadly, I do not think that any of these will work because of how thick and deep the scratch is, so after losing all hope, I came here to see if any of y'all had any suggestions. Thank you so much if you have any advice!

I will send a picture if need be.

TL;DR: Got an insanely expensive gaming laptop, flung a USB cord at it, left a nasty mark. No solutions are working.