Help for a disabled women needing her WIFI from Cricket to work!


Aug 20, 2012
Hi, My husband and I both have laptops. We used to have the modems from Cricket that you put directly into your computer. Then heard about the Cricket Crossfire WIFI wireless modem. We purchased one and did OK for a while but signal never was as strong as direct modems plugged into our computers. But not wanting or able to continue paying $90.00 a month we decided to try the Cricket Crossfire Wifi. Started out with the 3GB plan for $45.00 a month, then last month on my way to UCLA for a pre-op I went over the time allowed-probably fell asleep with it laying on mattress in back of van from OK to CA! My service speed was slowed down rest of month. SO I upped my plan to 8GB for $65.00 a month thinking that would help, at least not go over. They said my power should be stronger but it is not. It disconnects on either of us CONSTANTLY every few minutes we lose connection to the internet.

I am going back to UCLA in Oct, for a removal of a mesh/bladder sling that I have had for 12 yrs. Some kind of record Dr. out there says. I have had re-operations, NUT doctors treatments etc.had to retire at age 42 because of this put in me without my knowledge during different surgery in 2001.ONE year before it was approved. In ONE DAY my entire busy life was changed!

Now nerve damage has spread from Pelvic area (I had from day one not being able to sit) and just last few months is spreading nerve damage and causing right leg spasming,going numb, right hand going numb spasming and right foot the same. SO I have to use a cane for the first time EVER at age 54. Not trying to get sympathy just word out to everyone even MEN who get mesh for hernias these are STILL being put in despite last years FDA announcement which my lot number etc MATCHED one on list! to a few weeks ago recall-warning by FDA. Still putting them in as of today and wanting to warn EVERYONE possible to spare them the LONG 12yrs I have had!

WHEW just disconnected again! but I was lucky and pasted what I had wrote so far. So now more than EVER my internet connection is important to me to help me keep my sanity! I HAVE contacted Cricket several times which is a dauntless task, you can immediately talk to someone IF you are buying a new item. Support is something else all together! Always want me to come in with modem etc. Tell them I have NOT drove for 12yrs now cannot hardly walk.Finally get someone who I can understand because of different accents and after 1-2 hrss talk to them and try to fix issue Then my already rattled mind is FRAZZLED!

I'm a baby boomer who although I taught school 20 yrs. just knows enough about computers to be dangerous. Sold on Ebay for 12 yrs especially now to help us with our ever growing medical bills and travel expenses etc. PLEASE forgive me going on just don't get much outside contact!

CAN ANYONE help me either make sure my settings are correct OR tell me what I can do to boost signal? I have an old Cricket plug in Modem that REALLY upped the signal last night when I plugged it in but I immediately got a page from Cricket-they wanted $10.00 extra a month for "tethering?" Would that do any good or is there ANY free or very inexpensive way to boost power? Husband knows less than me on these matters and with his care taking of me more and more gets irritated when I make things worse!

IF ANYONE could suggest a true free sight that would help me or could help me step by step to figure out how to resolve this issue I will be FOREVER grateful.

I have a Dell Vostro that has been services several times and has Windows XP and upgrades on it. My husband's laptop is a Compaq? that also has Windows XP on it with upgrades. We both have Norton Antivirus and Norton System Works.

Thanks SO MUCH FOR letting me rattle on some and for ANY help! Blessings, Robin


I can't figure out anything from this post. What is the issue without the page of extra stuff? You put something about a Cricket connection then ..... something about setting are correct and about boosting a signal. But what is the issue? And what are you trying to do?