Help for a friend


May 6, 2004
OK, I just signed up here, I didn't see a forum where you could ask for help and since I think his problem is graphics related I figured I would post it here.

My friend is having problems,
First, this is a problem related to the game Dark Age Of Camelot. It's a game set in the Dark ages and is a multi-player online game.

Heres the problem. He only see ghosts of other players in the game. Normally you a person would see other players and be able to attack them in game. Something is wrong with the way his puter is displaying characters in game.

A friend of his helped him build the computer and it was running fine till about a week ago. Once he had the problem he tried refomatting but it didn't help. Same problem. He has updated all his drivers "vid card" "display" "chipset" Checked all of his cable connections. He even put a different vid card in the machine and still the same problem.

Here is his computer info.

CPU: P4 2.4GC
Motherboard: ASUS P4B533-X
RAM: Samsung DDR PC-2100 512MB x2
Display card: Inno3D GF 5900XT
Harddisk: Maxtor 32GB ATA-100 7200RPM

Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated.


May 8, 2002
Sounds more like a software/driver problem. Did he try posting it on DAoC's tech forum for answers?

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May 16, 2002
Any problems in other games? I concur it sounds like either a bug in his version of DAOC - in which case he should talk to their tech. support - or possibly a problem with his drivers, in which case he should try a few different revisions of graphics drivers, not necessarily just the latest.

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