Question Help for duplicate screen

Jul 31, 2020
I am trying to duplicate my 1080p 144hz monitor on a 1080p 60hz TV while i game. But when i do that, the game on my main display doesn't run at 144hz. Even though the fps count says 144, i can tell that it's not at 144hz because it is a lot less smoother. It looks like the TV is limiting the monitor. I tried something that was on Reddit:

"Yes there is a way, and there are drawbacks. I spent waaay too long trying to figure it out.

First make sure you set them to the proper refresh rate. Then clone the displays through control panel and not through windows settings.

Then head to Adjust Desktop Size and resolution and set them both to: scaling mode - Fullscreen, Scaling on GPU, and then both of their respective hz.

Lastly, you may head to change resolution and it should say both are at 144hz even if the TV is at 60hz.

The downside? Windows will behave like 60hz with it’s animations. Applications will run at 144hz however. Hope this helps."

I tried what it said in the NVIDIA control panel, it tells that both displays are 144hz, but when I run a game (Valorant) the gameplay is not at 144hz. Both the in game FPS counter and the NVIDIA FPS counter show 144hz. But it didn't work. When i play with PC screen only its waaaaaaay smoother, but when i put duplicate it's like playing on 60hz, i don't know why it's doing this.

I was wondering if someone could find a solution for this and help me out.