Question Help Formatting Encrypted SSD

Jun 25, 2020
I Have an Internal SSD (By Intel) That has Windows on it in this Lenovo ThinkPad pc, that i wanted to format and use as the primary disk (windows) on my desktop pc that i'm getting soon, but my dad tried to do that for me and tried to reinstall windows on it and thought it would format it with no problem and reinstall it but he got an error before the installation start, and now i can't boot on it or access it using using an external hdd with windows on it and i can't format or anything, the pc keeps freezing when trying to do something with it . I Have The Encryption Key and Everything. There is still a chance to format it and use it again so i can just start fresh with it on the new pc. Thanks in Advance

(sorry for my bad English and long explaining)


The drive shouldn't have needed to be "formatted" again. When you get the new desktop...
Run Win10 installation pgm again and when you get to the opening screen, press SHIFTED-F10. That will bring up the command line.

Type "diskpart" and press enter. Wait for the cursor to reappear.

Then type "list disk" and press enter. Find the SSD that you are wanting to install Win on and take note of the number.

Type "select disk {number}" and press enter and verify the correct disk is selected.

Then type "clean" and press enter. This should restore the disk to usable condition for the rest of the installation process.

Type "exit" and press enter twice to get back out of the command line. Continue with the installation. Don't do anything else to the SSD. Select it and Win10 will take care of the rest.
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