Help from the experts out there...


May 14, 2012

First off, I am not a techie, so apologies up front for any stupid questions...

I've been gaming since Arcade Space invaders, Asteroids and Pacman but only recently (3yrs ago) got into online PC gaming...I love it.

So far I've limped along with a 17' laptop which just does not cut it, FPS lag issues that are often humiliating in pvp and graphics are poor on low settings etc.

I really want to experience the absolute best quality graphics and silky smooth gameplay available now...before I start a family and have to grow up :(

So my question is:

Can you recomend the best overclocked rig, mouse, keyboard, sound and monitor(s) under 3000...I'll stretch to more, if the extra makes a big difference.



The easiest way to do this and it will educate on the different parts. There are two web sites that I will link you to and all you have to do is use there configurater and build your own PC.

Once you have that info then come back here and ask the the fourm how this is and you will get the answers you seek. Then after that you can go on line and track down all the parts.

Have them shiped to you and put your rig together. Of just order it from them. It is how ever cheaper for you to do it yourself. Anyway that is what I did I just wish I had known about Tom's hardwear.

Then I would have come here and asked about my rig. I would have gotten this answer drop the GTX 550 Ti's and go with a GTX 560 Ti or higher and loose the 800w PSU.

And get the i5 2500k and save a $100.00. And everything else looks ok. Only if I had known. So anyway here are the links and good luck to you. I hope this helps and good luck to you.

These are already put to gether for you.

These you order the kits and you put them together yourself.
can you... id like to see your try... he wants max settings in games like bf3 and if you can do that il worship yer feet coz you just made a miracle...
then again i may just crucify you coz your lying...
op look for the basics of an i5 2500k/2600k (if you want hyperthreading for other apps) 8gig minimum of ddr3 1600 ram and a gtx 680... all told your looking at about 1200 if you like you could either get another 680 nad sli it or get a single 690 to take the price to 2K
then you have 1k for your monitor setup ig you want to tri screen... but you wont be able to max out say bf3 on 3 screens.... but you would easily max it on 1 bigger screen say 2560x1600 which is bigger than most and is about 30"

so yeah
8gig ram
super hd monitor.
will noc you back about 2500 with a really nice case/keyboard and mouse... dont forget your sound....
thats pounds btw... if your talking dollars it will cost about 3k all in.