Help from the experts out there...


May 14, 2012

First off, I am not a techie, so apologies up front for any stupid questions...

I've been gaming since Arcade Space invaders, Asteroids and Pacman but only recently (3yrs ago) got into online PC gaming...I love it.

So far I've limped along with a 17' laptop which just does not cut it, FPS lag issues that are often humiliating in pvp and graphics are poor on low settings etc.

I really want to experience the absolute best quality graphics and silky smooth gameplay available now...before I start a family and have to grow up :(

So my question is:

Can you recomend the best overclocked rig, mouse, keyboard, sound and monitor(s) under 3000...I'll stretch to more, if the extra makes a big difference.

It really depends what you want please confirm the following:
Will you be building this PC or do you need one pre-built (I strongly recommend you build it for value and performance).
Do you want to use more than 1 monitor and what size/sizes.
Is this to be purely for gaming.
Do you want to use 3D.
You mention overclocking would you be interested in exteme cooling (ie water), highend air cooling or just something a bit overclockable.
Generally you want something with a i5 2500K or 3570K for the CPU and an Nvidia 670 or 2 for the graphics card/cards)