*HELP* GeForce3 TI200 Problem *HELP*



I'm putting together my first computer (laugh here), and i just navigated my way through the realization that i got sold dead ram (enter warning against buying from sofistic.com here). I quickly alleviated the problem by getting some crucial ram (love these guys). I booted up the system (well, the mobo, the processor, and hsf, and the ram) and the led's on the mobo indicated that it made it past the ram check, and halted at the video initialization, obviously because i had left the vid card out until this point. So i drop in my MSI Geforce3 TI200, and boot up again. This time, it hangs at the ram check (according to the led's on the mobo) and does nothing. no beeping, nothing. I was wondering if there have been any issues with geforce3's doing this before? If so, please help. If not, still, any help would still be greatly appreciated. I can be reached here. Thanks a ton. Oh, btw, important thing, the specs of the system...

CPU: AMD AthlonXP 1800+
mobo: MSI K7T266-PRO
ram: Crucial DDR PC2100 2x256mb
hsf: thermaltake volcano 6cu+
video: MSI G3 TI200-pro (geforce3 ti200 if you can't figure it out)
Power Supply: Enermax 330 watts

the rest i'll leave off, seeing as it doesn't matter (yet). Oh, btw, the mobo and chip i won at the XPP giveaways by AMD in boston - any known issues with those packages? *shrug* i'm a total newbie when it comes to building comps from scratch, so feel free to educate me (even if you gotta throw in a couple "you're an idiot" comments). Any help is greatly appreciated. thanks.



Apr 10, 2001
This is the TV Vidoe card's forum, but I may be able to help you out. What kind of power supply do you have in there, also, have you tried a different card to see if it works. My bet is that something is either loose, your P/S is to weak, or you may have a bad MB or Video card. I would also recommend you post in the graphics card forum, they will be able to help you out a lot more over there as the troubleshooters for graphic cards don't frequent this forum as much.

If it works for you then don't fix it.


Nov 20, 2001
well good thing you wrote what kind of power supply you have or i would have to ask. anyway. one thing could be that you have burned the cpu. try without ram and see if you you can hear the beep if yes thank god you haven't burned the cpu. now try only 1 stick of ram in the FIRST DIMM SLOT. if you don't get anything see if you have a clear cmos jumper on the motherboard. i'm thinking maybe someone messed with your bios settings before you became the owner of it. let me know how it goes and best of luck.



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