Question Help! Getting “display driver failed to start” on my msi gtx 1660 , only when I plug wmr VR headset

Dec 29, 2019
So I just got a MSI GTX 1660 as I’m building a PC and I have my main 1080p monitor plugged in the hdmi port and my second monitor in on of the display ports and everything works fine, but when I plug the “windows mixed reality” VR headset in the DisplayPort a message pops up saying display driver failed and is no longer using the gtx, when I plug the VR headset out and update the driver it works again.

It’s not the VR headset as I tried my friends headset and same thing. I updated Nvidia drivers using GeForce experience and it says I’m up to date on the drivers. I am also up to date on windows update.
Also when I get the message “display driver has failed” my audio driver and usb 3.0 has failed as well. I have tried plugging the VR in the hdmi and my display into the DisplayPort, but still nothing.

*Another thing, before this GPU I had the gtx 1080 2gb and I was able to play VR, by plugging it in the DisplayPort and monitor in the hdmi.

Specs of my PC:
CPU: ryzen 7 2700x
GPU: msi gtx 1660 ventus xs 6g oc
RAM: 16gb
PSU: 700w

If anyone can point me in the right direction or theory’s of why this might happen. Thanks.