Question Help Graphics Card Display Crash

Jul 6, 2019
Hi All,

Rtx 2080ti FE
ROG Strix z-370i
16gb gskill triden z 3600mHz
Corsair SF600

I’m not sure if this is the right area for this but I have experienced some weird crashes. The computer always crashes once logged into windows. The first couple of crashes showed a bunch of vertical ox images in various colors. These crashes happened in game. MTGA so not at all gpu or cpu intensive.

Now when I log in the screen goes solid black grey or gold, not always right away . I tried different cables different ports on my graphics card and nothing works.

When I plug in directly to the Mobo I don’t have any issues

I have tried using old drivers, I tried restoring to previous pc states. Both the restores failed. I reset windows and wiped everything. I took the gpu out and reseated it. Nothing has worked so far.

Temperatures were below 70c on cpu and gpu when ox crashes happened.

Please help