Question Help! Graphics card not detected after sleep


Jul 11, 2018
Hi all,
I just installed an NVMe SSD (WD Blue) on my ASUS Prime Z270-A, with a fresh install of Windows 10, everything seemed like it was working fine (like before with a data SSD) until I could not get a signal from my monitor after the PC was in sleep mode (or hibernation) for a while. The PC clearly turned on, since I can see the lighting and fan behavior being the one I get with the system running. I relized that it was the GPU by simply connecting the DP cable from my monitor to the mobo, and everything was working from there except that the PC was running on the intel integrated graphics (and no, device manager does not list my GTX1080). Plus instead of actually waking up from sleep it's restarting in this state.

It gets weirder, even after cutting power and power draining, I go in the BIOS and the GPU (Gigabyte 1080 G1) is not detected anymore. I managed to seemingly randomly get it detected again with a few reboots or leaving it off for w while. But after leaving the PC in sleep for a few hours now I'm back at square one. Basically it looks like at some point during sleep something in there caused the GPU to stop working completely, and I haven't figured what makes it go back to being detected.

Additional info: my BIOS and GPU drivers/bios are up to date, Windows too. Once the GPU is detected, it works as intended, no instability no weird performance. The only thing that changed in the system is that I added the PCIe drive, I even reset the BIOS just to make sure I didn't mess up any settings. Note that this happened again once I disconnected the nvme drive and booted on my old SATA SSD.

Any idea/help would be greatly appreciated, I'm going insane here! Thanks!