Question Help: GTX 550Ti Query

Mar 10, 2022
Hi All, I am new to this forum and would like to seek your help for my gpu concern.

My friend gave me his GTX550ti gpu so i can updgrade my gpu from a very old HD6450, my problem is i am not sure whether my psu can accomodate the card.

I've read the specs fo gtx550ti on internet however I am a complete newbie for this stuff, i really want to upgrade my card if possible.

My PSU is 600w, i think a generic one with big fan and the table show the following specs

+3.3v - 24A
+5v - 24A
+ 12v1 - 18A
+12v2 - 18A
-12v - 0.3A
+5V sb - 2.0A

Th PSU also came with 1x6pin connector and 1x8 (6+2) connector.

If it might help also, my PC has the following:
  • 5 fans, 1 fan connected on motherboard and 4 are connected via molex cable
  • processor is i5-750
  • has two ssd
  • case has rgb light connected via molex
-10gb of ddr3 ram

Thank you so much and I hope i posted on right section of the forum

Have a great day everyone


Do you really think a GTX 550 needs 24A all to itself? 24A * 12V = 288W. 75W from slot, 75W from 6pin plug, where is the extra power coming from? It's also listed as a 115W card.

We can't speak for the quality of the PSU you have, but it should work. We do know it's not a modern 600W PSU if it can max output 432W. Odds are also good you can't just add the two rails together like we did. But it did come with the plugs needed to run the card.
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