Help guys. Battlefield 3 low fps


Nov 28, 2011
Hello There :)

im experiencing problem in battlefield 3 when i upgrade my os to 64-bit.

Battlefield 3 recommended OS is Windows 7 64-bit so i upgrade my windows 7 32 bit to 64 bit expecting to have a better gaming experience in battlefield 3 but i suddenly got 10-25 fps in game when i change my os to 64-bit but when im still using windows 7 32-bit i can run battlefield 3 normally in medium settings.

i know my gpu is not good but i can normally run bf 3 on medium settings when im still using windows 7 32-bit
so im curious why i got low fps when i change my os to 64-bit.

i think the reason is i have a low ram and windows aero theme affect the game?

Here's My Spec:
Intel i5 2310
Windows 7 64-bit
2 gb ram (Planning to upgrade to 8gb for better experience)
Geforce GT 220 1gb 128 bit ddr3
500 gb hdd
all drivers are up to date

my pc is 1 month old

hope u can help me guys


Nov 26, 2009
Unless you are playing at like 800x600 or 1024x768, you couldn't run BF3 on medium with a gt 220. It's not possible.

That being said, you need a better graphics card and more RAM. You will also likely need a new power supply. Please post your budget so we know how much you are willing to spend.

the run

Nov 24, 2011
some guyz here really do suck,do not deserve to post replies.
he ask does switching from 32bit to 64bit causes slow down,
yes,2gb is playable on 32 bit as u stated,
bt 64 bit,pls change to 4gb.
Note this pls,u cpu rocks,graphic somewhat is good but ur ram is helding back ur performance.
Did anyone mentioned abt ram is BOTTLENECKING ur gaming,NO!!
silly guys tell u to upgrade ur graphic card,good .........but bt if u stay with 2gb ram,u can add gtx 590 bt fps will only increase abt
<15%.Trust me i have experience this before,i used to manage a gaming cafe of my uncle myself.

hopes this helps!!! :D :D :D


Nov 26, 2009

English....please learn to speak it.

Alex The PC Gamer

Oct 24, 2007
Jhosh, I don't think this will save you but you could try GameBooster.

Also, you'll want to close as much programs as you can before launcing BF3 (because of your low RAM). Finally, your FPS drop might be the doing of your drivers. Try reinstalling the latest Nvidia drivers (perhaps, even the BETA drivers might give you a better FPS count).

But like the previous replies state, your computer is a little weak to play BF3.


Feb 26, 2011

Are you serious? even if he is to spend $60 on 8 gigs of ram he isnt going to be able to play it with that video card.........
BF3 requires windows 7. Windows 7 requires more than 2Gb memory to install , and BF3 requires a GOOD video card to run it. With that ram and vid card the game is unplayable. To get it to playable settings it would require 6-8 Gb of ram and a $150+ vid card to play on Normal settings. Not sure what he was smoking or how the OP said he was getting acceptable frams on medium settings with that setup.

Also the run ...... that cpu is good I would not say it rocks if you want it to rock get one that isnt limited in its OC.


Jan 10, 2012

in my opinion, when you switch over to 64bit, your Graphics card, and CPU has to laod and run more things in the background.... its take a more beefier computer to run 64bit, and also your running the bare minimum amount of ram for 64bit (BF3 requires a Minimum of 2gb of ram. but you also have 64bit, which also uses ALLOT more ram, yes upgrading ram should unbottleneck your system, and if your on a budget just get a 4gb set it will run bf3 fine)
hope this helps..... also if your looking for a budget card that works well, pick you up a Radeon HD 6670 (make sure its DDR5 though) that will greatly increase your FPS on BF3.
overall your system is weak...
the cpu is ok memory could do with another 2 gigs at least 6 would be better and a gtx 560ti with a 550w psu...

the memory isnt actually a bottleneck in the traditional sense. but it is a limiting factor but only 1 of many. the dualcore cpu, weak gfx and slow hdd as well as low amount of memory will all mount up and play there part is slowing down your gaming experience.
as i said your cpu is ok, but only just. on bf3 it will struggle regardless because bf3 prefers 4 true cores over 2 cores 4 threads and will couse pauses and stutters regardless of the gfx on bigger 32-64 player, multiplayer maps.

win 7 64 does use a little more ram. not because its loading more background apps. it actually loads the same amount as win 7 32.
but because of the address space. instead of taking 32bits it now takes 64bits so will increase system overhead by about a 1/4... theres not a lot you can do about this other than turning off unneeded services, reducing your startup entries to your av, your gfx pannel, your mouse drivers. everything else should be disabled or removed..
tuning windows can reduce the typical usage from 1.2 gigs to just under 1 gig which is pretty much what win7 32 would use.

now to your gfx. its weak very weak. if you dont want to spend more money then forget about bf3 till you can find a gfx card cheap enough to play it at medium settings with 60 fps... the 220 will literally be running at 25 at best. meaning you will get owned on multiplayer regardless of your skill level...
you will be able to play other less demanding games like cod 4 quite well but bf3 is just beyond your current system. so be realistic in what you think your pc can handle. in doing so you will enjoy it a lot more...

but at the end of the day you are gonna have to spend more money.
$70 for a 550w psu
$150 for a low-medium gfx card
$50-70 4-8 gigs of ram
thats the reality if you want to play bf3 and be able to kill and be killed on an even playing field.


Jun 29, 2012
i just bought the dell inspiron 14R special edition that comes with

1) 3rd Gen i7-3012
2) 8g Ram
3) GT640M 2G ddr3
4) window7 64bit home edition
5) Mcafee security

I got the crack version battlefield3 from my friend who is running window7 64bit and after installation, i got 0xc000007b application run error when i tried to run the game. My friend mentioned to me that he and many of his other friend use the same source and running without issue. Any solution?


Don't use cracked games and start you own thread