Help having problems with my Noctua NH-14


Mar 18, 2010
I just installed my Noctua NH-14 and I'm a little unhappy to say the least.

I am having a really weird problem.

I installed the heatsink. My problem is when I go to connect the fans to the CPU fan port on my Mobo the fans don't work. I switched one of the fans to a system fan port and put the smaller fan on the CPU port.

The fan on the System port works fine.

The little fan I have hooked up to the CPU fan port doesn't work. Here is the weird part. If I push the fan with a finger it spins up and keeps spinning! It works if I give it a little push, this is so weird!!!

I went into my Bios and adjusted the fan control from PWM to voltage cause I read this was supposed to fix the problem. Nothing.

Now I'm sitting here and the only way I can get the other fan to work is by starting it up with a finger.

I tried not having a fan hooked up to the CPU fan port but then my PC wont even boot up properly.

Help what can I do?

Also tried to find a number to call Noctua but no dice, only emails.