HELP! I assembled my motherboard on the OUTSIDE of anti-static bag!

Dec 28, 2018
Not knowing that the outside of the mobo antistatic bag was conductive, I assembled cpu, ram and m.2 nvme on my motherboard while it was laying on the outside of the bag, waiting for my case to be delivered before finalizing my build, I put my mobo in its original cardboard box, with the bag under it, (the outside of the bag in contact with the underside of the mobo). I've just recently learned how bad that is and I am afraid that I juste ruined my mobo and all of my othe components that were on it. Not knowing to much about static, I want to know what are the steps to save my mobo, It’s still in the box with the bag, Im too afraid to touch it, scared that I’ll discharge somesort of static... I need your guys' advice. Rookie mistake.

EDIT: I know not all antistatic bags have a conductive outside so if it can be any help, here is the model of my mobo: asus b450-F (am4)