Question HELP! I Can't transfer files ...

Jun 24, 2020
I Have Toshiba external hard drive that is Mac OS Journaled and I am trying to transfer them to another external hard drive, which is exFAT. I think the Toshiba drive is failing because I hear a tick every once in a while, when I try to transfer files from the Toshiba it either goes very slow and misses a bunch of files or it doesn't happen at all. The files on the Toshiba are there and I can open them but it is painstakingly slow. I have 2.5 tb to move- and i have even been moving individual folder and even that takes forever.

Am I missing something - is it the SATA cable, should I pull my external out and try transferring via a different SATA cable?
Is Disk Warrior the answer? Which I will only use for this instance since I just recently built a PC, so is it worth $120?
Or is there a better recover software.

I tried a terminal copy but i had something wrong in my copy to so i couldn't figure that out.

I still have my mac so I am assuming the data transfer has to happen on a mac os since the external is os journaled..

I dont know what else to do?


You'll only know if a different cable works if you try a different cable! If your drive is physically failing, there's no real solution for that. Hopefully you have backups for the important files; that's the only real safeguard for files.