Question help i flashed the wrong gpu bios onto my rx 470

Dec 19, 2020
hello i flashed the wrong gpu bios for the rx 470 my model is XFX RS RX 470 Triple X Edition but i flahsed the non tripple x version i didnt save my vbios and cant find the exact vbios i need to techpowerup help what should i do note my gpu still works i am using it right now but it hs lost ingame performance and frequently flashes black help :((


Feb 23, 2018
you should’ve been more prepared when flashing a GPU and make sure you have backups because it can be extremely risky when flashing cards cause Isn’t like a motherboard where you can find the exact bios for your board and flash it back from a USB stick. In your case it’s very lucky it still functions cause most times it would be bricked making it usless.

you did mention techpowerup so I’m assuming you went through this article, you just need to try your best to work it out yourself. Try finding the right and it has to be the exact bios within the card inspect it carefully and take it slow.

I’ve did see a video where this guy had this flash tool for his card although it was meant for those scam gpus that were suppose to be gtx 750 ti’s but instead it was a GTS 450, but the process might be a bit similar to this since he’s pretty much flashing the card back to its original bios.


flashing a GPU back to its original bios isn’t very easy and it requires a lot of experience and patience, you should’ve used an old card, or buy a cheap card to flash it for practice before using it on your main card.

I’m guessing you wanted to flash yours for better overlooking and better stability so pretty much able to to bypass the cards locked Voltage core.