Help!! i hve forgot my password to get into my laptop,

Which password? If you're referring to a Windows password, then you have 3 choices:

1. Get the password from the person that set it. (ie: previous owner)
2. Download Ultimate BootCD and use the password tool in the data recovery options.
3. Reload the computer.

If you have a power-on password, then you have to remove all power and the CMOS battery. If you're referring to a hard drive password, you'll have to contact Toshiba support to see if there's any options for resetting / removing it... otherwise you'll have to replace the hard drive.
In Vista (and Win 7 for that matter), the Admin account is disabled by default... so unless the user has enabled the Admin account, that option is not available.

As for the password reset tool, to my knowledge, that only works on the computer upon which it was created, doesn't it? After all, it would be a huge security risk if you could create one password reset disc or key and use it on any computer.