HELP! I need the best way way to build a system on cyberpowerpc.


Apr 9, 2009
OK! So i work in computer sales but i'll be the first to admit im not the brightest bulb in the knife drawer. I know enough to get into computer gaming but not enough to really build one myself, plus i want the warrenty. My solution so far is I pick it they build it and give me a three year warrenty on it all.

So using the site i was hoping someone would be willing to help give me some sugested configurations for a desktop (tower only) so i can get into the world of modern pc gaming. The best config at around 800 bucks.

My needs are simple CRYSIS, FARCRY 2, and other FPS games like Bioshock 2.
I need both Gigabit ethernet and a wireless of some kind.
Full tower

I dont need software other than OS
I'll run it off of my 27 tv first than buy a monitor later
I dont need any accesories i'll grab them on my own later

I prefer Intel and EVGA but this is my first gaming desktop so i can go either way

So can anyone help me get the right system?



Apr 7, 2009
Hi, firstly i would recommend a Core 2 Duo rather than a quad because they are mosty used for video editing and applications which have support for mulitple cores like photoshop. Crysis and Farcry 2 are both power demanding games but thanx to the fastly advancing technology as long as your cpu isn't old anything better than a 8800 GT will allow you to play smoothly. I would recommend 2 gb's of RAM and a minimum 500 watt power supply. If you follow these guidelines you should be good!|84|56671&N=4018595&Mo=12&No=5&Nr=P_CatalogName:BC&cat=74658&Ns=P_Price|1||P_SignDesc1&lang=en-US&Sp=C&topnav=


I just bought one from Ebay. He let me customize everything I wanted and even gave me a 750G HDD because the 640s were out of stock. I can play Crysis average 20FPS very playable on a 19" monitor, and other games are perfect. I bought a 3 year warranty from squaretrade for $120. I couldn't be happier, I would do it again.

You can buy the auction this guy has for $1.00 and get a consultation to see if you could get a better deal then Cyberpower. It can't hurt for just $1.00.

This guy has fast shipping, and very high quality PCs. This 4.0 core 2 duo blows away my old P4. I couldn't be happier.
^ Sounds great and glad you are happy with your new system. That after all is most important.
I wouldn't brag too much on the HDD trade off though, the 640 gig drive, if this was a Western Digital drive, they are very fast drives. Why they were likely out of them, they are popular with the performance crowd.


Apr 19, 2006
what about micro center if they have one in your state they have some good deals on returned items

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750GB Hard Drive
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10/100/1000 Network
Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium (64-bit)
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Apr 9, 2009
Alright good stuff, its like there is just so much out there

on the ebay guy maybe his consultation would help so i'll look him up

costco looked sexy but i have no membership but i like the specs

and on the last one that one i know the best, very sick computer... however i work for Dell actually and i think if that is the same Studio XPS then believe it or not the power supply is horrible for gaming.... Its beatiful and i would call her Sasha! but she really only is for performance not worth the games...

I think its only 425 or something....

I know.... I couldn't believe it either.