Help-I think I had/have a virus


May 1, 2009

I was on a webiste the other night-normal website reading about downloading files-all of a sudden my Mcafee went crazy telling me it was blocking trojans and all kinds of things. Then a program popped up and started running that I never installed-it was a fake virus scan. This program started telling me I had virus problems everywhere. I opened the "my computer" icon and under the drivers it had in red numbers how many infections in each. The program was trying to get me to buy cleaners for these drivers to fix my problem. I didnt buy anything. I did a system restore to about a 5 days earlier. When I went to run Mcafee serveral parts like internet and networking and e-mail and IM had error beside them and would not fix when I hit the fix button-so I unistalled an reinstalled Mcafee-now everything seems to be ok-I ran a virus scan and it siad I had no virus. I also downlaoded Mcafees conflicker detection tool and it said I was fine. I have read about a virus called vundo that seems to have similar problems to mine.
Does anyone have any thoughts--do you think it is gone? or should I wipe my computer and reinstall everything?

Thank you for you help

I'd recommend running a scan in safe mode. Most viruses are dormant in safe mode, and you can catch them before they can surpress your scanner in normal windows.

A full format should be the last resort.