Help Identifying My Packard Bell


Apr 17, 2012
Hi All,

I have to reinstall my friends Packard Bell PC after a HDD failure and new HDD installation. Rather than using the PB recovery disks I want to reinstall everything manually so I can partition the new HDD.

I looked on Packard Bells website to get the drivers but the little problem I am having is this:

the model my friend has is a Packard Bell iMedia X9166 (this is the way it is refered to on the case and on the bill)... however on packard bells website they dont use this reference, instead they use these references:

iMedia (PT.U03-PV.U03)
iMedia (PT.U05-PV.U05)
iMedia (PT.U08-PV.U08)
iMedia (PT.U09-PV.U09)
iMedia (PT.U12-PV.U12)

I'm sure that the model I have is one of the above, but I cant find out which one. I have looked on the PC itself, in My Computer, used CPU-Z and other stuff to try to find the right reference, but I cant find it.

Does anyone know which model I am dealing with here, or where I can find the right model number on my PC? Ive tried searching google but can't find anywhere where the equilvances are written down.

Any help would be much appriciated.