Help in modifing modified OS bootdisk


Sep 4, 2004
I guess there might be some knowledgable people here to assist me.
I have a Windows boot disk that I believe may of been made with n lite or similar program, I use my licence as it is the same release as mine only very much better to use.

Anyway a lot work would of been put into this OS, it is reasonable fast, functionally complete and has added programs (addons?) that I have not seen in n lite or any other forum and has proven to be stable.

Some of the programs such as firefox and opera are outdated meaning when I do a fresh install I have to uninstall these programs and reinstall the updated versions if needed.
n lite "does not" remove added programs like addons.

Apart from this the OS is exceptionaly well suited to my needs.
I have not anywere near the skill or time to recreate this OS even if I new how it was all done.
There are programs added in the "SVCPACK" and also in another file named "Software"which does not exsist in my original xp disk.

So my Question, can some one offer advice-
Having a go, I have used PowerISO to explore the OS and deleted-
Firefox.exe & Opera.exe from I386/SVCPACK/

I also deleted a themes type .exe program from Software/

Then saved the new ISO ready for Burning.
Are there other components to these programs that should be deleted
so the resulting OS will be stable and boot/load properly or should what
I have done be suficient.
If not what other related components should I look for to remove(what might be there names) what folder in OS might they reside.
what of the programs added in the new file "Software" are they stand alone in that they could be deleted or even moved to the original OS
with PowerISO or similar

This is a big ask for info and even direction to further information would be good.
n Lite forum did not have any surgestions as there product is not made for this.

Greatfull for any input. (running XP Pro).


May 17, 2004
I think Opera.exe may be standalone. It doesn't have any files installed in windows I know of, and I should create the profiles, cache directories if it knows they aren't there.

Not sure if this is quite what you wanted to know...


Sep 4, 2004
Thank you for looking at my question and input.
It seems I may be a little in uncharted teritory and may have to just have a go and see what happens.

my concern would be if the new OS did boot/load good then started to play up
at a latter date when I had been using for a while and added all my info.

Thank you for taking the time.