HELP! in setting up BIOS for a new PC build & Installing Windows


Jul 29, 2014
Hi There,

Looking for some help or a point in the right direction. I am a first time PC builder and looking to put together a new gaming rig. I have been researching the hardware that I would like to buy for the last few weeks and have a decent understanding of how to building the rig, however, the only thing that is holding me back is 2 things. Setting up the BIOS and installing Windows. I do not intend to get an optical drive for the rig but may change depending on the whole set up. I understand you can install Windows from a USB flash drive if I were to buy a retail version of it.

1. How and Where can I find some really details help or instructions to setup the BIOS for my new build? I am thinking of having a SLI x 2 GPU, a SSD & HDD and want to boot from the SSD but store to the HDD as you would. I am looking at either a MSI or ASUS mobo for the build.

2. How and Where can I get a USB flash drive version of Windows so that I have no CDs to keep and How do I access the Windows during the BIOS setup from the flash drive? If I have to get an optical drive to install Windows, I will. I am just trying to avoid getting one when it is hardly used these days for anything.

Apologies for the long questions. Any help would be appreciated. The BIOS & Windows setup is the only thing that is holding me back from purchasing and building the rig till I fully understand how to setup the PC so I don't have issues after the build. Thank You

Intel Celeron

Mar 15, 2014
Welcome to the pc building community.

Let's start things off.

1. I'm not familiar with MSI mobos but for ASUS all you need to do is this:
-BEFORE you install the os, you should put your Sata mode to ahci or raid. (If you don't understand what's raid just choose ahci.)
-In the boot priority/boot order, have your SSD first, then the HDD.
-For SLI, all you need to do is install the second card(no SLI bridge yet.), Let windows detect it, power it down and install the SLI bridge. in the nvidia control panel, under '3D Settings'-'Set SLI and PhysX configuration' and the 'SLI Configuration' section choose 'Maximize 3D Performance' then click the 'Apply' button. After that you're good to go.

2. You can download an official windows software(Forgot what it's called) that can turn your usb into a boot drive. now, once you're done, plug in the usb and go to the BIOS. Find the boot priority/boot order option and put your usb device on top. When windows asks you to reboot, go back into the bios and reselect the SSD as the boot drive.