Question Help Installing/Wiring my New 4080.


May 29, 2016
This is going to sound stupid. I think I know what I'm doing. But I need to swap my 3070TI out with my new 4080. My current PC was built for me. Not a pre-built I picked out all the parts.
I've only ever changed a few GPU's myself before. And it was almost 10 years ago. Here is what I think I need to do.

First of all here are the relevant parts.
PSU "EVGA SuperNOVA 1000 P3, 80 Plus Platinum 1000W, Fully Modular"

  1. I first remove my RTX 3070TI. It seems to have three power cables already attached to it. 2x 8-Pin 1x 6-Pin. I don't fully get what that means. I thought they were all 8-pin before this very moment. But oh well I see three wires going into it. So I will probably just remove the modular 6-pin cable and put it in storage.
  2. I then install the 4080 into the PCI-E Slot.
  3. Next I sit my case back up and remove the other side panel to install the bracket that comes with the gigabyte eagle that helps support it's weight.
  4. I run three dedicated 8-Pin connections directly from my PSU. They each connect into the adapter that comes with the 4080. To make a 12VHPWR connection. I believe the 8-pin's are labeled VGA1-6 on my PSU.
  5. I connect the 12VHPWR firmly, making sure is it fully plugged in. I am not to bend it left or right. But it's fine to bend it mildly upwards/downwards as needed.
  6. I turn on my PC. Create a restore point. Install new video drivers. Delete old video drivers if needed.
  7. My house still burns down? (I just finished watching the most recent Gamers Nexus video on the 12VHPWR issue.)
  8. Profit!?
Do this sound about right?
If there is anything you think I'm forgetting. Please let me know. Thank you.
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