[HELP] Internet speed has dropped by more than half


Feb 24, 2009
Firstly, I would like to say I know the difference between Megabits and Mega Bytes.

A few days ago I sent my ISP an email and a few days later they called my house and talked to my mom about the support issues I had addressed with slow speeds. They directed her to www.att.com/speedtest and our internet speed was reading 6MB/s down and 512kb/upload as it should be.

The problem is, outside that test I am not seeing the performance. Let me put it to you like this, right now the internet is so slow that Speedtest.net consistently gets errors when trying to connect for a test. Any website that isnt text based like say Reddit, takes ages to load. Youtube videos? Streams? Forget about those, 240p buffers as slow as 720p.

When I finally manage to get Speedtest.net to do a test after numerous internet resets I barely crack 1MB/s down IF AT ALL, and .12kb/s upload IF AT ALL.

Its maddening. Its actually affecting my siblings college work as their online tests have been failed due to disconnecting.

Something I should have mentioned earlier is that I do have a router. Its a Linksys WRT54GS with the latest firmware. Something that is also annoying is that when I plug my internet directly into my computer, it wont work, but if its plugged through the router it works just fine. This has never happened and its making me draw a blank.

AT&T support suggested the we upgrade our Modem to one of the newer ones that are a modem/wireless router combo which we plan on doing. Right now we have a Speedstream 4100 that weve had since we got the internet in 2006 and I guess they dont even make them anymore. Im thinking it may just be the modem but if its not I need some answers/suggestions.

It sounds like you either have an ATT problem that they do not want to acknowledge, or a router problem.

Before you trash your current router, note your wireless settings and then perform a full reset back to default. Then test your speed. If it tests fine, then put in your wireless settings and retest.